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Wash Basins & Shower Drains – Elements Collection

Wash Basins & Shower Drains – Elements Collection

Mosa’s Wash Basins & Shower Drains Elements Collection accomplish an integral design with the pure Mosa ceramics, that reinforce the geometric form of the wash basins and ensures a strong character. Mosa Elements allows the designer to connect the various ceramic elements within a space in a logical manner. Wall, floor, wash basin, and walk-in shower form a complete entity.

– Residential
– Hospitality
– Sports
– Healthcare
– Wellness

– Integrally designed pieces with Mosa’s pure ceramics
– Various colors available
– Durable and functional
– Scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.


Mosa Elements wash basins and shower drains are available in various colours from the Terra Maestricht collection. By tailoring tiles, wash basin, and drain to each other, the bathroom can be given a monolithic character. Thanks to the unique design, the Mosa Shower Drain® is barely noticeable. Naturally, it is also possible to add a striking accent in the room, for instance by combining the wash basin with a contrasting wall finish.

Mosa Elements wash basins not only look good; they are also durable and functional. Thanks to the pure Mosa ceramics, they are colour- fast, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant. In addition, Mosa Elements are low-maintenance. The wash basins are available in two variants: MonoCube and TopCube. Besides these models, which Mosa is able to supply from stock, custom- designs are also an option.

The MonoCube wash basin is available: a sleek and monolithic wash basin. This wash basin, made entirely from Mosa ceramic, is available in five colours. The tap hole is positioned centrally. An inlay tile elegantly conceals the drain.

Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified
Sustainability is one of Mosa’s core values. Mosa is not only an innovative tile manufacturer but also a member of the Dutch Green Building Council. Mosa Colors is a leading-edge example of sustainable production. Nearly the entire programme carries the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate, which means that it satisfies present and future requirements for sustainable building. The tiles are partially made from recycled materials; no environment-polluting raw materials are used, making the tiles suitable for reuse. ‘Green’ electricity from hydro-electric power stations is exclusively used in production. Mosa tiles are also durable and contribute to a better interior climate.


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